CAPSULS™ Patient Isolation Unit

Standard Color: Safety Orange

CAPSULS™ is a portable patient isolation unit (PIU) which prevents particulate (biological and radiological) cross-contamination between the patient and the external environment.
This unit includes features that enable medical intervention to the patient via end-user supplied
medical equipment. CAPSULS™ is intended to be used in the:

•  Transportation and isolation of patients on aircraft, ambulances, ships, and any vehicle capable of safely relocating a patient on a standard litter.
•  Temporary isolation with or without transport of patients within hospitals or other medical facilities.

CAPSULS™ is a Regulatory Class II device. It has been cleared by the FDA for marketing in the U.S. (510(k) K052798).
U.S. Patent: 6,241,653


- Air Tightness (MIST/EIST test) by US Military
Barrier tested with chemical agents

>Test results available on request to qualified parties<



Unrivaled Portability

 Compacts down to a manageable size of 24" x 20" x 18" (0.61m x 0.50m x 0.46m)
 Weighs in at just around 30 lbs. (14 kg)
 Easily deployed and fully operational within 10 minutes.