CWRAP™ Chemical Warfare Agent Protective Patient Wrap

Models: PPW-Type1 [Left] PPW-Type2 (patent pending) [Right]        

Intended Usage

The Chemical Warfare Agent Protective Patient Wrap is a portable patient protective wrap which prevents uncontaminated patients from potential contamination by chemical warfare agents in the external environment. It has features which enable limited medical intervention via end-user supplied medical equipment.

The CWRAP unit is intended to be used for:

•  The transportation and isolation of uncontaminated patients on aircraft, ambulances, ships, and any vehicle capable of safely transporting a patient on a standard litter under threat of chemical attack in the battlefield.


The PPW-Type1 and PPW-Type2 models are flexible units constructed from chemical warfare agent protective fabric that are for use primarily during transport and evacuation of clean patients under threat of chemical warfare attack. The PPW operates in a positive pressure configuration only when the blower is attached. It uses a clear window over the head of the patient to allow visual monitoring of the patient while giving the patient a view of his/her surroundings. The window incorporates a zipper around its perimeter to allow the patient an escape route from the wrap. The PPW has a multi-layer fiber reinforced base mat with integrated handholds to facilitate lifting and to provide a water repellent bottom barrier. It has an integrated panel at the head-end to aid in keeping the material off of the patient's head and to provide a solid attachment point for an optional blower (PPW Type2 only). A 40 DIN thread fitting provides compatibility with blowers such as the Safety Tech C420 battery-powered PAPR (Powered Air Purifying Respirator) to provide air flow to the patient (blower optional). The PAPR is fitted with M95 (Nuclear/Biological/Chemical) NBC filter cartridges to filter contaminated air. Blower battery life is nominally ten hours using a standard military BA5800U disposable lithium battery.

Photographs of the PPW-Type2 are shown above. The PPW will remain flexible over the full operating temperature range of -26 o F to +120 o F (-32 o C to +49 o C) when the blower is used. The material has an operating temperature range from -41 o F to 140 o F (-41 o C to +60 o C). Two medical access ports are provided at the head-end for the pass through of intravenous (IV) and intubation tubing. An integrated absorbent pad is attached to the inside bottom of the unit for the absorption of bodily fluids


- Barrier tested with chemical agents

>Test results available on request to qualified parties<