Our current line of CBR defense products is comprised of four main groups.

CAPSULS™ (Containment And Protection System Utilizing Life Support) *Training Model Available

CAPSULSCAPSULS™ is a portable patient isolation unit (PIU which prevents particulate (biological and radiological) cross-contamination between the patient and the external environment. This unit includes features that enable medical intervention to the patient via end-user supplied medical equipment. CAPSULS™ is intended to be used in the:

•  Transportation and isolation of patients on aircraft, ambulances, ships, and any vehicle capable of safely relocating a patient on a standard litter.
•  Temporary isolation with or without transport of patients within hospitals or other medical facilities.

CAPSULS™ is a Regulatory Class II device. It has been cleared by the FDA for marketing in the U.S. (510(k) K052798) as well as in Europe. U.S. Patent: 

*We recommend purchasing a training unit in conjuction with a CAPSULS clinical unit to help facilitate proper usage in a potential CBRN incident.

CBAG™ (Contaminated Human Remains Pouch)

CBAGCBAG™ CHRPs are flexible, 3-dimensional, and man-portable. They employ a superior CBR barrier system to provide unsurpassed protection against cross contamination from the remains to personnel, equipment, facilities, and transport assets. CBAG™ CHRPs can be used stand-alone for transport and for the temporary isolation, storage, and direct burial of remains. They may also be used for permanent burial of contaminated remains within conventional caskets.

CBAG™ Model 2005CB-PUR - U.S. Patent 9,290,305 B2. A U.S. patent is pending on CBAG™ Model 2K10CB-BIO.

CWRAP™ (Chemical Warfare Agent Protective Patient Wrap)

CWRAPA CWRAP™ (Chemical WRAP) is a flexible, man-portable, positive-pressure isolation unit constructed from chemical warfare agent protective fabric. It prevents uncontaminated patients from being contaminated by chemical warfare agents in the external environment. It has enabling features to support limited medical intervention via end-user supplied medical equipment. It is intended for use primarily by the military to protect uncontaminated patients during medical transport and on land, sea or air assets while under battlefield threat of chemical attack.

A U.S. patent is pending on CWRAP™.

ISOVAC Products is currently in the test verification stages of introducing it's latest product.

The second version of ISOVAC’s PIU is intended to be used to safely transport personnel
exposed to, or potentially exposed to an identified infectious or chemical warfare agent by land,
air, or sea. The end-goal is for it to be approved for use in hoisting operations.

The unit is expected to be released to the public in the 4th quarter of 2017.